Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Simple Bathroom Wall

12:00 AM Wednesday. Can't sleep.
Oh man I'm unmotivated lately. Really, really unmotivated. Is there a pill for that? 
Actually I'm sure there is, but it's probably not a good idea to take it.

 I pretty much did paperwork tonight and ignored the massive to-do list I put together earlier.

And when I say paperwork, I mean I put the kids to bed, paid two bills and spent over an hour trying to do some Easter origami. There is a lot of colored paper in the trash.

It was this weekend I found myself slightly more motivated and I started looking for a house project.

One that look minimal effort and expense. I did say "slightly" more motivated.

The half bath needed the most attention as it was completely bare.

I had the (I think) brilliant idea to frame photos from an Etsy desk calendar.

They are all over the place on Etsy for under $20 and for 12 frame-able photos, that's a bargain.

I got the frames at Hobby Lobby (always 50% it seems). 

Use a level to get them just right. 
(or a husband with a level in my case.)

Easy peasy.

Except for the shot of my Chattanooga home, which I photographed, my prints came from Amelia Kay Photography, but there aren't any more calendars in stock. I made a list of other shops below.

I know the photos of the bathroom aren't great, but I took them tonight with bad lighting and I didn't want to take them again. Remember...unmotivated.

Now on to the rest of the house. I'll keep you updated.

Some desk calendars I like:

If you want to splurge - grab this set from Eye Poetry. Just perfect.


Tomorrow is going to be great. I'm going to be so motivated, I will start of load of laundry that includes running clothes worn that morning, my kids will take great naps just because I exhausted them will all my focused playtime, and there will be a pattern in my vacuum tracks. 

I mean it. 

Seriously, I'm confident it's happening.

well, slightly confident.


Anonymous said...

Looks so cute! I have to say, I dont know you but, Im sure you're doing a GREAT job with all the mother hood duties we feel we must do all the time! -- Im reading a really eye opening book called Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman, about raising children in France, and since my family is from there i found it very interesting..

its a good quick read, take a peek if you can and hear the book. We mothers need OUR time as well!

Natalie Jane said...

You're sweet. I'll have to pick that read up :)

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