Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hey! Where did Collin go? He's Stealing my Minky Blanket AGAIN!

Collin had just gotten out of the bath and was wrapped up in a warm towel. I turned my back for just a minute, and when I turned back around, there was just an empty towel on the floor. 
"Hey! Where did you go?"

Well look at that. He's fallen asleep in my bed. 

Totally asleep.

Tricked you Mommy!!!!

Man, this kid is darling. 

By the way, I find my kids in my bed a lot since I got myself a Minky Throw Blanket from The Baby's Bundle. It is the softest, most cozy blanket imaginable. I haven't slept a night without it since it arrived. My kids (and husband) steal it all the time. And of course, I got it in yellow :) 
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