Friday, March 30, 2012

The kind of post that happens when I'm laying in bed next to Shane and he's reading and I might as well blog, even though I don't really have anything to blog about.

In case you were wondering after my last post, I did manage to pull together some motivation and had two very successful days. I woke up on Wednesday morning exhausted, so I gave the kids a box of golden graham cereal with sippy cups of milk (almond milk for Collin), turned on cartoons and went back to bed. After an hour, give or take, I felt great. Came in to find it had actually snowed golden grahams all over the living room. Of course I had totally expected that. And now I had motivation to vacuum!

After that I took the kids to the gym and I ran. (check) Played with kids in the rain. (check) Did laundry. (check) Did some service and prepared my talk for church. (check, check) I even figured out some of that Easter origami that I was wasting so much time on. Bonus!

Can you tell Shane was out of town? I get so much done when he isn't around to distract me with his manly nature.

Some things I'm excited about.....

General Conference this weekend! - 
It's the time when the leaders of the Mormon church speak and it's wonderful. 

Root Beer Slurpees. Have you tried these things? Taste just like Root Beer floats! 
(They have them at Fast Edy's in Boise -  FYI)

Shane has started texting his clothing choices to me to make sure he looks right for the particular occasion. Which means, of course, I've succeeded in life. 

He is just 6 feet of scrumptious, I'll tell you what.

Found this old collage in a box while I was at my parents. 
It made me laugh and laugh and laugh some more. Ah, high school.

Don't I look so sexy with my hand running through my hair? 

How did anyone resist me, that's what I want to know?

See that prom pic? Two HOURS of curling my hair with a tiny curling iron. 

And Randi, are those really the clothes we chose for traveling in Europe?
Head to toe denim and high waisted khakis. Are those socks with my Birkenstocks? Surely not.
I mean, it was the grunge era and we were from Washington, but really, had I no dignity? 

Well, I say that, but then I look at the fashion choices I've made more recently and I may not have changed so much. Really Natalie, yellow nails?

Getting a manicure this weekend. Totally forgot about celebrating my birthing day in January!

Lots of celebrating in our house...

Collin pooped in the potty! Woot woot!

So proud of our big boy!

And the huge news in our family is the edition of a niece last week!

My sister Abby went into labor while watching the Hunger Games, and soon after gave birth to little Katniss!

Just kidding, they named her Lexi Michelle. 


I can't believe I didn't mention the birth of my sister Emily's son, Grant Stephen, born Feb 2!


Oh dear. I may just need to get me one of those. I just don't think 2 kids is going to cut it for me.

Ok. That was a lot more blogging that I had previously planned on.

Shane's been asleep for 30 minutes.

nite nite.


amydear said...

I love random posts like this. It's why blogs are awesome. And I was in Spokane for about 30 hours last week and thought of you. Too bad we couldn't get together for lunch!

Jessie said...

Last week I was cleaning the basement and found one of those collages too. I agree. What were we thinking? I am older than you so my prom picture has the biggest hair possible! Yay for Collin! Get one out of dipes put another one in mama!

Liz said...

Yay for collin! We just finished potty training our little girl. It's so nice. Hey, I found this post for making a wreath with yellow felt flowers and it made me think of you. Hope you like it.

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