Saturday, May 14, 2011

Teacher Gift Ideas

Note - Almost all of the sweet anniversary messages you left on Wednesday's post were lost when blogger shut down. So sorry I didn't get a chance respond to them. They warmed my heart. 
Especially yours Shane. 


It's that time of the year again. Time to look for a sweet little gift for the teacher who has helped mold your little one over the school year. You saw what I put together for Liddy's teachers. Here are some more of my favorite ideas:

Darling wood block set from Wood n' Stitches on Etsy. 

Sakura Hana ring from Sora designs.

Bamboo Earrings from Truche.

My sweet blogging buddy Misty from Queen of My House made me this awesome Scrabble name plate. Oh so yellow and gray! I thought immediately it would be a cool handmade teacher gift. Let me know if you end up making some!

For the teacher with the "magic touch", a wand from Modern Crush.

I love thinking about this laying on my favorite elementary school teacher's desk.

I'm so proud. My daughter "graduated" from twice a week preschool. Of course, I graduated from college, so I'm smart enough not to buy these grossly overpriced photos. (I was a bit tempted though.)


 Had a child "graduate" from school this year? Throwing a birthday party? Bridal showerBaby shower? Or girls night out? One reader will receive 24 custom invites from Peartree Greetings
Just leave a comment below and you're entered.


Unknown said...

Those are some really cute ideas!
Let's see, this summer my baby turns one and both of my sisters are getting married so I'm throwing a birthday party, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, oh and a 40th anniversary for my inlawas! Yikes! Invitations needed!

April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears said...

We have 2 birthdays coming up, so would love to win invites! Thanks for the chance! :)

Blair said...

We could use some invites!

Lauren said...

My little girls 1st birthday is a few months away and invites would be great! Thanks for the giveaway!

Kelly and Liam said...

Natalie---you are a wonderful mother...that is my comment!

Jessie said...

How cute!! Love the scrabble nameplate!!

Nat and Charles said...

Haha, love the graduation photo. Lydia is such a doll! Would love some invites for a friend's baby shower.

Anonymous said...

I have a wedding coming up in July with invitations for a bridal shower, bachelorette party, and the wedding itself. Invites would be perfect!

The Wheeler's said...

I am planning on having a baby shower within a couple of months and would love to win!

Melanie Anne said...

I am always looking for a reason to throw a party and winning beatiful invitations would definetly get me into pary planning mood:)

Modern Crush said...

Thanks so much Natalie for including my wand!! You are awesome! Lets talk about doing some to give away on your blog - and I would really like to send one your way for Lydia - although I am sure she already has one :) But I guess you can never have too many!


House Queen said...

With everything bad that has been going on in my life, I somehow missed this post! However, when I saw the scrabble nameplate on your pinterest, I followed it here and wanted to tell you that this has made my day! I am so glad you liked it and THANKS for giving me the shout out...even if I missed it! I hope to be back in the blogging circle soon! So thankful for such a sweet blogging buddy!!! <3

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