Friday, May 20, 2011

Etsy Feature Friday - Crzy Bag Lady

I have been a bit frustrated with the selection of toddler boy's clothes lately, and I started branching out to see if I could find something sweet and boyish (ie, no superheros!) I came across a gold mine when I found Crzy Bag Lady Designs!

The hand embroidered onesies were the first thing to catch my eye. Mainly because they were exactly what I was looking for. Unique, age appropriate and perfect for a two year old. (At least he will be this weekend!) Since they're organic they are incredibly soft.

Just some of the great designs available. If I had a girl I would be all over that grill onesie for 4th of July. 
The baby combo packs would be most amazing shower gift. Get some friends to go in together.

Some of these are $9 each. Maybe that is where the Crzy in Crzy Bag Lady comes from. They are hand embroidered for goodness sake!

Collin loves his "hewocopr" shirt. 

For his birthday this weekend, Collin will be getting his own Crzy Bag Lady crayon caddy. He is a coloring nut, and I'm tired of the kids fighting over the crayons. Each kids has a caddy to keep the crayons nice and neat. There is a flap that keeps the crayons from falling out all over the place.
 Love that. 
(They each come with 32 soy crayons.) 

Just look at the baby blankets! I want this one so badly. It matches Collin's room perfectly. 
But, he's not a baby anymore...

But enough about the stuff for the kids. I have a list a mile long for things I want for me! (Hey, my birthday is only 4 months away.) 

Crzy Bag Lady has some of the best fabric choices I've seen on Etsy, and I'm especially loving the aprons. Just look at the yellow and gray! Great prices starting at only $21.

The yoga mat bags are enough to make me actually attend the pilates class I've signed up for.

Also therapy bags for only $2.25!

With so much Modern and trendy design, this shop is a mecca for birthday and baby showers gifts.

Make sure to check out all the lovely wears from Crzy Bag Lady for yourself! 


Jenn said...

Love it all! So cute! I can't believe he's turning 2! Ethan turns 1 next month--he's walking all over the place! Where does time go!

Push Pop Mama said...

That campfire shirt is to die for!

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