Monday, May 2, 2011

Impromptu Royal Wedding Tea

Late on Thursday I was setting up the TiVo to record the Royal Wedding and I got a little sad. If I was in Tennessee I would have thrown a party with my friends with fancy appetizers and big hats. 

Then I thought to myself...."self, let's have a little party with Lydia instead." I was 4 when Princess Di and Prince Charles got married and I still remember it. Why not make it a fun thing for Lydia? I mean, how often do you get to see a real princess being made. I sent out a couple texts and started seeing what I could pull together without having to go to the store. 

The great thing about a tea party is, as long as you have a set of china and nice linens, the rest is easy. 
(So lesson is, get yourself a set of china.)

Gray and yellow linens from Longrunners.

On the menu, berries, my favorite drink Herbal Ice Tea and lemon icebox cookies
(If you use this recipe, half the salt.)

Can you believe this yellow and gray serving tray?
 I think I screamed for a split second in the store when I saw it.

Dining before the big event.
Everyone looked so lovely.

The treads of the day - Large flower fascinators, plastic baubles and ruffles.

I told Collin he needed to wear the standard Morning Suit, but he must have misunderstood because he showed up in his jammies. 

The party really got started when Prince Humperdink showed up. (That's what Lydia calls him.)

He is a big time flirt.

Spellbound the moment Kate appeared.
The next moment...discussing the dress.

(I loved it by the way.)

Having a daughter is so much fun.

What did you think of the wedding?


Jessie said...

Fun, fun, fun! I need to embrace the girlie girl that I know is somewhere inside me if only to do things like this for my little princesses. You inspire me all the time Natalie!

Cheryl said...

That looks like so much fun! Lydia's dress is beautiful. What a special day.

Sarah B. said...

Very fun!! I would have loved a party like that ;)

kristi lee said...

her dress was stunning! her sister's dress was gorgeous too. what was up with fergie's daughters though...the almost looked scary.

i just saw a glimps of the wedding while on the treadmill that morning but i made a date with the dvr that night and was up till past 1am...addicting!

funny thing was kooper saw a few minutes of it and was totally entranced. my strongest boy personality probably would have watched the whole thing if i'd let him. he's gonna be trouble as a teenager!

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

This looks like so much fun, Natalie! Glad you could enjoy the time with Lydia. :)

Hanna said...

Oh silly boys - in their pj's for such a formal event!! LOL

I love this - how fun!! It looks like they loved it, too!

Push Pop Mama said...

Those yellow and gray linens are to die for!!!!

House Queen said...

How fun! These are the times I miss having a daughter! I love love love all of the fun I have with my boys! I have said it before...I wish we were neighbors!

House Queen said...

Oh...P.S. LOVE the yellow and grey serving tray! Adorable!

Stacy said...

She is STILL talking about it :)

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