Monday, April 18, 2011

One week until Easter

I wish I could say that the reason I have the Easter baskets done is because I am a super overachiever. Sadly, it's indication of the opposite. Last week I set aside an evening to get things done on my to-do list. I started with the most pressing: clean the humidifiers. Ick. Once that was done, I scanned through the rest of the list. Organize the pantry? Better to do that after I shop. Sweep the worms off the patio? Too cold. Scrub the kitchen floor? Too exhausting. That went on until I came to...put together Easter baskets. Yay! Totally not pressing in the least, but fun! Anyway, they turned out kind of cute. I'm still working on Shane's.

I'm starting a thing where there is one wrapped gift outside of the basket. That will be the Edward doll. Lydia has no idea who he is, but when I found it on clearance, I knew it must be ours. 
I think it will add a new element to Barbie play. 
I can't wait to bust out "Tangled". That movie was so good. I think we will be spending Easter evening watching it as a family with a dinner of jellybeans, chocolate bunny and popcorn. I may throw a ham in there somewhere. 

Collin has a slight obsession with the Llama Llama books so I was thrilled to find one we don't have. He also is fully obsessed with Elmo. Tucked into that basket are two dairy free chocolate bars, bubbles (like Lydia's), a party blowout, funny mustache glasses, toy bunny that does flips, peeps, TONS of jellybeans and gummies. I think he will be a very happy boy.

As for me, I always get myself something new for Easter, but this year I'm recycling. That's the beauty of moving. No one has seen your wardrobe. However, Lydia and I will both be wearing these incredible bracelets sent during my handmade swap. Thank you so much Rachel! They are stunning.

I am kind of freaking out right now because I had a file full of photos from the packages I received during the swap, but I cannot find it! Argh. Please please tell me I didn't accidently delete it.

Okay. Tonight I am really going to take care of that to do list. Well, at least the line that says "Wrap gifts for baby shower."


Push Pop Mama said...

Hum. I might even want to play Barbies if I had a Edward doll....

Nat and Charles said...

We love Anna Dewdney around here, too! I just got one of her newest at the library- so cute! It's called Roly Poly Pangolin. You should check it out :)

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