Monday, April 4, 2011

A little something for the moms

Can't let a Mother's Day go by without some giveaways. That's just not how we do things on this blog. I've arranged for some fantastic giveaways the second week of April. I've been keeping my eye out for things I think every mom would love, so make sure to come back for some great gift ideas and to enter to win. I'm still looking for at least one great Father's Day gift idea. Why is shopping for Dads/husbands so hard? Any ideas?

By the way, thanks to everyone who commented with book ideas last week. I have a nice long list now. I read Room last week and it was incredible. Wow. Wow wow wow. One of the best books I've read in a long time. Though I don't recommend it as a Mother's Day gift. :) I've added a widget to my sidebar that connects to my Goodreads account. I'm a huge fan. A site about connecting through books? Awesome.

The winner of the homemade earrings is Heather. Congrats! Email me and I will get you your prize.
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