Sunday, April 24, 2011

Little Easter Shoot

The other day I was just putting Collin down for a nap when I looked outside and saw the most glorious lighting outside. I made a snap decision. "Lydia! Put your Easter dress on!" I pulled Collin out of his sweats and whirled around his closet like a crazy person, trying to get his Easter outfit on before the light changed. I did enjoy seeing them look at each other with that "Mom's losing it" look. "Jellybeans! Each of you will get a whole egg filled with jellybeans if you smile!" That changed the tone. I had about 3 minutes before Collin was totally done and wanted candy, but I still managed a couple cute shots.

Dancing in the driveway while I hurriedly tested the light.

They seriously know how to shake it. 

Goodness she's lovely.

So handsome. Even with hat hair. He looks like his Daddy.

Oops. Looks like the bow tie is falling down. Did I mention we were rushed?

And did I mention this was during Collin's nap time?

Had enough.

"Don't worry mommy. I'll stay in the photo."

Ahhh, there we go. 

Hoping the message of Easter brightens your home and heart.

Have an extra three minutes? 
Click here to see a beautiful Easter message you can share with your entire family.


Blair said...

Your kids are seriously beautiful!

TGS said...

Happy belated Easter. We're comin' up to Boise tomorrow for a funeral. Bring on the good weather for us!

House Queen said...

Gorgeous kiddos! Love the shots! Hope you had a blessed Easter!

Anonymous said...

I just happened to trip across your blog. Very cute! You have a beautiful family.

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