Thursday, September 25, 2008

Consignment joys

Except for the occasional trip with my mom and sisters I tend to avoid yard sales, at least for the purpose of finding clothes. They are just too hit or miss for me. Sometimes you can find awesome stuff, but a lot of times - they are kind of gross. I am a big believer in children's consignment sales. Consignment sales where everything is inspected for stains, rips..... that kind of sale.

Twice a year I hit this great consignment sale and load up on play clothes for the next 6 months. For play clothes these are really great quality brands. Maybe nothing from the Dolce and Gabbana junior collection (I wish!) but mostly Baby Gap, Boden, Ralph Lauren and the like. I love getting quality clothes for so cheap.
Last winter I decided to actually consign my own clothes. Not that I really have a bunch of baby clothes I am dieing to get rid of. I hope I have another girl one day. The minimum amount of items you can consign is 15 and I brought 16. My purpose was to be allowed at....Consignors Day. One day before the general public is allowed to shop, the consignors are allowed into the warehouse. There, mothers and grandmothers will storm the door to find $2 gymboree sweaters and barely used running strollers.
Although I was new to the consigning racket, I knew enough to come an hour early, laundry basket in tow, to wait outside the door. When I got there, the line was already around the building. And did I mention that it was snowing. In Tennessee! I think it was the only day we actually saw an accumulation.
As I stood there will my fellow (rival) shoppers, watching the door with eager anticipation I realized something. I was lame. I was turning into...a mom. The last time I stood in the cold like this was to see the Smashing Pumpkins in concert. Of course that was overnight and I met the band after the concert. That was cool. Standing outside a warehouse to get toddler jammies, not so cool.
Oh well. I guess that is the transition of life. Of course, I would still wait in line to see a great band play. Though I would probably avoid the mosh pit this time around.

I did get some great stuff this time. Check out this blabla backpack I scored. Brand new for $5. It is $42 online. Merry Christmas Lydia! You will be finding this under the Christmas tree this year along with some handmade hairclips and bracelets to match.

Consignment sales and the 75% off rack at target are my very favorite shopping friends.


Chris said...

Oh, what I wouldn't do to have a warehouse sale like that here! I hung on every word as you described it! And I am in. love. with that backpack! How cute!

Hannah Ashmore said...

I am still in love with the froogy bag. What a great deal!!!

Anonymous said...

Wait till you see what you are getting for Christmas that I found at Value Village! We are both enjoying getting bargains for our daughters. A great deal is a great deal no matter what store you find it at. Mom

Unknown said...

Love that pic of Lydia. I was expecting something like.."watching your child dance, priceless." :)

Supercool Hotmama said...

Hahaha, it is a sad day when you realize that you are not only a Mom, but that you are acting like one. That moment came for me when I had to give up my convertible fantasies for a mini-van reality. **sniff, sniff***

Unknown said...

You sound like my kinda those 75% off sales.

The back pack is adorable!

Thanks for the visit!

April said...

those are considered play clothes? Play clothes around here are nasty stained onsies unbuttoned, so I can pull up the bottom of the shirt and wipe out dirt Julia and Kenzie have tried to eat-

have you heard of This is an amazing community forum divided up by state- where you can find all the deals, which stores are having amazing sales, online sales- shopping lists- they always remind me of when the annual clearance sale at old navy is- the Target mark down schedule-

Darlene said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. I just posted a few days ago about one of those sales we have friend and I LOVE it. We even work the sale for 6 hours to get in even earlier than the consignors...we were scared we were missing out on great

James and Monica said...

wow!! Do they have these all over?? I don't think I've ever heard of one in Utah. If anyone knows of one, let me know!!! YAY for awesome deals!!

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