Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Coming home

I made the switch to dark chocolate about 2 years ago. It started after consuming a huge bag of Peanut Butter Hershey Kisses that were in my Easter basket (oh how I miss peanut butter). The chocolate was lackluster at best and totally unsatisfying, and yet I kept popping them in my mouth waiting for the chocolate high. All to no avail. Yes, I am aware I sound like a crack addict.
Later that night I bit into a dark chocolate covered almond from Shane's Easter basket. The sensation was instant. Oh the ecstasy. Rich and decadent, I only needed a couple more to savor and I was happy. At that moment I made the switch.
Dark chocolate for me. That has been the last two years. But something happened a couple nights ago that has made me waver. My mom handed me a Ghirardelli square - dark chocolate with caramel. After a moment in my mouth I spit it out. Caramel and dark chocolate just didn't work! My father took advantage of my impressionable state and handed me a new Ghirardelli square - MILK chocolate with caramel. Bliss. Smooth and creamy, I reached for another. It was like making-out in high school. Not really satisfying, but totally enjoyable at the same time.
As of now, I cannot state my firm affiliation. Maybe I don't have to decide. What next? White Chocolate? Oh the horror.

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