Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yard Sale - Part 2

Shane and I were quite happy with our little yard sale. Shane baulked when I said I was asking $30 for my stereo. "No way Natalie. Maybe $10". We compromised on $20. The first guy to the sale thought that we must be kidding. "You are only asking $20 for this entire stereo?" He ran to get his wallet. - Never underestimate a women's understanding of shopping.
Whatever the venue.

P.S. - If you have a son under the age of 4 or one on the way - Talk to Kristi Gay. She has the most adorable boys clothes for sale. 3 months to 4 T. (In serious bulk ) She is asking like a buck an item. I even bought a few "uni-sex" things for Lydia.


Hannah Ashmore said...

I will take the Beatrix Potter - "Peter Rabbit" toy porcelain tea set----if you still have it. Thanks.

Natalie Jane said...

Sure Hannah. All yours.

Sold the CD stands too.

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