Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Instagram #52 - Christmas and....Happy New Year!

Wow! 2014! So glad. 2013 kind of sucked for me.

Except, of course, that I got this darling baby. But getting her here, sucked.

She tried her darnest to make it to midnight. Unfortunately. 

And she woke up all night last night. And up before the sun this morning.

The new year is starting blurry eyed. But I guess that is the same for most of us.

We had a little New Years dinner at Tucanos with my brother Zac and girlfriend Rachelle. 
Collin couldn't believe the size of Zac's phone. 

We got cable for the month as a treat. I love crappy hallmark Christmas movies. We discovered that the kids love watching Cupcake Wars. So we have been doing our own. Last week the kids decorated cupcakes and the parents were the judges. This week they were the judges of my cakes. Right now they're testing my "Christmas Sundae cake". Buttermilk white cake, with jam filling, buttercream frosting with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry on top. Next up my "Oh Holy Night" cake with white cake and cream cheese frosting. Lydia is very detailed with her notes. Collin pretty much just says "yum". ( I served them milk so I could count this as dinner.) 

Laid down to nurse the baby and fell asleep. Woke up to find this note. 
Oh Lydia. :)

Christmas Eve was wonderful fun with our appetizer meal.

Read the Christmas story. 

And caught a glimpse of Santa's handy work. Those are some big bears. 

Elise got a hedgehog from Grandma. They have the same hair cut. 

Lot's of Christmas morning fun.

Threw a Christmas night party. 
The house was clean at one point. But there were 12 kids in attendance. Plus 5 babies. 
There's only so much chaos you can avoid. 

So much food. I'm going to be dreaming of this night next week during our detox. But tonight is still a holiday. So we're having rice pudding with ice cream. 

Lydia at the "big" kids table. (Kids came in PJs)

REALLY big bears. 

Hope everyone has a great New Years Day! 

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Unknown said...

Where are those huge bears from?! So cute for older kids Christmas Santa gift- under the tree. They are huge!

Looks like a wonderful holiday! xoxo

Natalie Jane said...

Costco :)

The Thomas Family said...

Love the note...ah Lydia you gave me a belly laugh!!! Hilarious to read, and yet I so remember being in that stage of life...good times.

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