Wednesday, January 29, 2014

8 years went too fast.

It's Lydia's 8th birthday today. She has a little birthday party planned this weekend, but today we are celebrating just as a family. A low key celebration with a store bought cake. But add a fabulous topper, milk glass stand and a few fresh flowers and it's gorgeous. 
She's going to love it.

I've never had such a hard time with a birthday. My little girl just isn't little anymore.

Birthday breakfast just us girls. 

I love love love my special girl.

Happy Birthday sweetheart.



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Unknown said...

Love the adorable cake but love your cute addititons even more. She will love it too! Great job.

amydear said...

8 is big. Your breakfast looks amazing. I love French toast. Lydia is such a striking beautiful girl. And I have a 13 year-old next month. Gulp.

beba said...

Happy Birthday Lydi! You are a beautiful girl. What an important birthday. Hope to see you sometime soon. Kate says hi!

Nat - love the cake.

Natalie Jane said...

Thanks Wendy!

Push Pop Mama said...

What a sweetie!

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