Friday, June 7, 2013

InstaFriday #38

I'm just about 30 weeks! Yay! 
So far not feeling the third trimester yuckness yet. Except the heartburn. Yowzers. 
That stuff sucks.
I was a little nervous about weight gain. I'm already at 20 pounds. But then my nurse told me she gained 100 pounds with her last baby. I felt much better after that.

My Baby Center "29 weeks along" text told me I need to be very focused on calcium at this point in the baby's development. So Collin and I hit the local donut joint for a big jug of milk. I do what it takes to take care of my babies.

And I'm no where near gaining 100 pounds so what's the harm? :)

There is no hiding this. Maybe I should lay off the donuts. 
And Nutella.
And Almond snickers.
And Five Guys Burgers.

After 10 years of driving it, I sold my Honda Accord.
I was a little distraught when it drove off. 
I brought both my babies home from the hospital in it.
One of them was conceived in it!
(Just kidding.)

But I sold it in 24 hours at 20% above Blue Book, so that helped with the sting.

 I treated myself to some of my (second) favorite flower. Now I need to find some hydrangeas (my most favorite flower) to mix in.

My outside flowers are looking pretty sweet too.
But that's mostly because Shane installed irrigation so my negligence won't kill them.

In other news, Lydia went to cheer camp.
I don't know how I feel about that. But she and her best friend had a great time.

I think I need to get her into soccer soon.

Shane has been reading "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" with the kids and has now moved on to "The Marvelous Land of Oz". They are pretty into it. Shane voice for the wicked witch is super creepy. I'm on a mission to catch it on video.

Took the kids to get cheap summer flip flops at Old Navy and suddenly Collin disappeared.

Where oh where could he be???

Spent a few hours last Saturday scouting neighborhood yard sales.
 Nothing quite as thrilling in the world of yard sales as finding a "horder's estate sale" run by their weary relatives. Got this summer craft supply hoard for the kids for $4.

I'm putting together "summer fun bags" for the kids. Today is Lydia's last day of school!

So excited for summer!

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The Thomas Family said...

You're looking fabulous for 30 weeks darling!!! Keep cool this summer. Order lots of cold foot massages from Dr. Shane!

And we have the absolute same taste in flowers! I love ranunculus too ;)

pandaandlion said...

I want hanging flowers in my yard now....

Alzbeta said...

Ooh! Please share your summer fun bags when you do them... I need some ideas in that department.

Natalie Jane said...

Alzbeta - They are mostly just the craft stuff you see and some candy :)

Savanna said...

I love all the craft supplies for $4. I wish I had only gained 20 lbs at 30 weeks. I am sitting at almost 30 at 34 weeks and freaking out.

Jenn said...

Hi Natalie! Thanks for stopping by You are SUCH a cute pregnant woman! Love the idea of summer fun bags. My oldest doesn't get out of school until Tuesday, but I've had the two littles home this week and it's been rainy for two days now. I am realizing that I need to come up with some fun indoor activities, stat!

Marla said...

Your baby bump is too cute! Can't wait to see your summer busy bags!

amanda persinger said...

Great pictures! Your flowers are beautiful! And I love/want some hydrangea's too! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

love, love, love your peonies! do you know which species they are? those are my two favorite flowers too! hydrangeas and peonies! i've actually planted a few different kinds of hydrangeas in my garden this spring. i like how you said "negligence" because that's my problem too. =) love the fun and cute enhancements on your photos! what is the app name?

stopping by from life rearranged. =)

Natalie Jane said...

I have no idea on the type of peonies. I bought them at the florist :)

As for the app, I used beautiful mess on these.

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