Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Sick Day

Oh man. I am so sick. I've come down with a cold but I've never had a cold like this. Today is day 6 and I'm miserable. And of course, I'm pregnant. 
That beautiful Nyquil taunts me as I stick to the honey-lemon tea and Tylenol that my doctor prescribed. 

I haven't sleep for more than an hour at a time since Monday. The only place I feel some comfort is laying in the shower so I've been taking three showers a day (or middle of the night.) On the bright side, my legs have never been so smooth. 

Thursday I co-hosted a ladies brunch at my friend's house and then hosted a bridal shower at mine. Previously planned things I couldn't postpone. 
I looked like death, but somehow I got through them and they turned out nice.
With the help of a sweet housecleaner who took my emergency call.

Shane can't take any time off, but I've had some great friends who took the kids for a few hours to let me nap.

Not that I can nap with the constant coughing, but resting is nice. 

Anyone know what happens when you have a big baby resting on your bladder and an uncontrollable rasping cough? Yeah. That happens. 

The person who I am so impressed with is Lydia. She has just taken over watching Collin. They play school, she helps him pick out clothes, they play board games together. 

Friday morning I woke up to find that Lydia had already made herself and Collin breakfast, 
and a little something for me.

Sweet sweet girl. 

I have a great family.

(But being sick and pregnant still totally sucks.)

Any suggestions for dealing with a cold while pregnant? 
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Push Pop Mama said...

My doctor said robitussin is ok.

Feel better!

Mommystired said...

Have you tried Vicks on your feet? My mom always did that for us and I remember it working!

Lauren said...

praying that you get well soon!!! preggo+sick is miserable, not to mention with other littles who need their mommy!! I always drink hot lemonade. I just squeeze half or a whole lemon in water, heat it up and add some sugar - you could use honey if you want it more natural! it makes your raspy throat and cough!

Candice said...

I use vicks rub on my feet. That does help me and my kids. Not always but it's worth a try. Also rub some on your chest area that helps too. Hope you feel better soon!!

BrittneyPlummer said...

I don't know about being pregnant but I know the cold is the pits, especially during the summer. I so hope you feel better soon! -Brittney P.

Julie Thompson said...

Neti pot using distiller water. It is gross but totally wor it while sick with a cold and oreggers or nursing,

Natalie Jane said...

I LOVE my neti pot. I would die without it. I tried the Vicks on my feet, but no luck :(

Unknown said...

Just read this now- I third the Vicks on the feet.. Sorry to hear it didn't work :( Did you really slather it on the soles and put socks on over the top? Hope you feel better soon!

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