Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Top 5

Shane and I were discussing our "top 5" the other day. 
The top hottest members of the opposite sex.
Other than each other of course.

As for mine.....

 Daniel Craig is just all over yummy. Best Bond ever.

I never really paid much attention to Ewan McGregor.
But then I heard him sing on Moulin Rouge. 
Wow. Hot factor through the roof.

Ian Somerhalden.
Doesn't everyone put up with the lameness of Vampire Diaries just to watch Damon?

Jimmy Fallon. Sexy and funny. Really really funny.

And he also made a great young Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock.
And I'm strangly attracted to Jack Donaghy. Not Alec Baldwin. Just Jack Donaghy.

And my #1 all time pic for sexiest man? 


I have been crushing on this guy since I was 18 years old and he took over the Today Show and suddenly I was so interested in the news.

I know. It's random. But that guy is beautiful and has the best style. 

Other really fantastic runner-ups? Joel McHale, Matt Bomer, and Jude Law

Whose on your top 5 list?

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Blair said...

I think Shane totally looks like Ewan McGregor.

a loose seal said...

I have a monster crush on Matt Lauer. Totally my number one, too. The rest of my top five changes a bit but right now it's Bradley Cooper, Robin Thicke, Blake Shelton and Will Arnett. But all of your choices have been there at one time or another. :)

Unknown said...

I have to agree wholeheartedly about Ian Somerhalder. Yum! Also, Tom Welling. I go for that whole dark hair/blue eyes combo, which the hubby has.

Candice said...

Bradley Cooper for sure. Also Aaron Ekhart, Ryan Reyolds. I do agree with your Mat Lauer for sure!

Cari said...

I'm with you on Ewan- his voice is amazing, I just can't figure out why he isn't doing more musicals??? He should have been in Les Mis... Hugh Jackman and Ryan Gosling are on my list too...

Julie Thompson said...

Adam Levine is so yummy,but not when he has the sure short haircut. He is the total opposite of my red headed blue eyed hubby.

Gale, Ky quilter said...

Ryan Gosling is just gorgeous & George Clooney's eyes when he smiles . . . oh my word! And James Ford who played Sawyer on Lost is a total hottie . . . Google him & see if you don't agree. :) Tom Selleck . . . when he was on Magnum P.I. & Friends and last, but not least, John Harbaugh, the Baltimore Raven's coach . . . GORGEOUS!!! (Wow, this was fun!)

Cheryl said...

Okay I am so glad you posted this because people tell me they think its weird that Doug and I have top fives and are okay with it.
My #1 is Henry Cavill. For years no one knew who I was talking about when I said his name. Now that he is Superman I think a lot more people will know who he is.
My #2-5 are Tom Hardy, Jude Law, Johnny Depp, and Gerard Butler. With James McAvoy a close 6th.

Kiley said...

Fun! My husband and I are very familiar with each other's current "top five"... Often, when we need to describe a movie, we'll use the phrase: "the one with your boyfriend/girlfriend in it..,"

I've been told some of mine our random, but here they are (the first three have stayed the same for 10+ years)... Robert Downey Jr, Vince Vaughn, Joshua Jackson, Henry Cavill (began with The Tudors), James McAvoy (began with becoming Jane), and Tom Hardy (began with Wuthering Heights). Okay, that's six :).

Cheryl said...

Kiley- sounds like we have somewhat the same taste. :) my love of Henry started with Tudors and Tom with wuthering heights too.

The Thomas Family said...

Heath Ledger...Four Feathers. He may have passed...but it's the most recent movie I have watched...this post could be flavor of the month for me...I am always changing my mind ;)

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