Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yellow Love.

Did a little fantasy yellow shopping when Shane went out of town last week. 
I have a hard time making myself head to bed went he's gone.
Some of my favorite non-purchases.....

(Lydia's yellow dress is from Crew Cuts.)

1. Shane got me this chair last year for my birthday. He is very good about my yellow love.
He says, "It's not like you're into pink or something crazy like that".

Good man. Should I tell him I think we need to give the chair a matching friend?

2. Snapped this pic the last time I was over at the Pendleton Woolen Mills
Why don't I have this blanket yet???

 3. Baby Gap So cute! This baby is going to wear a lot of yellow. A lot.

4. No one freak out. But I've decided not to do a yellow nursery. BUT I still want some cute yellow accents. Pillow from Etsy.

5. I'm thinking I could rock this watch. But I'd rather find one for like $10 instead of over $100.

Don't you just love yellow? 
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Push Pop Mama said...

I have those sandals and I love them.

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