Friday, May 24, 2013

InstaFriday #37 - Birthday Boy

My baby boy turned four years old.

(Shane came home with 4 balloons and 4 fun candies for Collin to find with he woke up.)

Collin is the sweetest thing in the world and growing too fast.

He's also a bit strange sometimes.

My parents headed over to spend Collin's birthday with us and we had such a nice time.

We hit the bowling alley to introduce the kids to the wonder of bowling.

Both the kids scored higher than me.

Happy Birthday love. He had a great day.

And as a little treat for me, I got to spend an afternoon alone in the house while Collin went out with my parents.

I was going to nap. But a bath sounded so decadent.

Shane won "best husband" award for bringing home a Kneaders chocolate bomb. Just for me, just because. I ate it in the bath where no little grabby fingers would steal it from me.

Pretty nice week.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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pandaandlion said...

Dang it! Now I am hungry for Kneaders... lol. :-) Collin is such a cutie.

Sarah said...

He's 4 already?! Was he just born last month??

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