Monday, May 27, 2013

Top Names!

Hooray! The Social Security top 100 names of 2012 were released a couple weeks ago. (Nice to know there is something that the Social Security administration does that will actually benifit me.)

I've been waiting very impatiently for the list to come out so I can make some decisions regarding naming the baby.

By the way, I loved so many of the naming suggestions I receive on my previous naming post.

There are just so many things you have to consider before choosing a name!

I have gotten a lot of "Lucy" suggestions, but we have a cousin with that name. (Actually she's my cousin's daughter, but the kids know her as "Cousin Lucy".)

Lot's of "Olivia" love, but it is wildly popular (#4 this year!) and I think sounds too much like Lydia.

Collin still calls the baby "Madeline" which I love love love, but it's also too popular for my taste. There are like 10 Maddies in Collin's preschool. Which breaks my heart a little. Seriously love that name.

Jennifer, I LOVE that you thought of the name Mallory and how it sounds like a mismatch of all my sisters and my mom. I actually considered that name a while back.

And then there is the wonderful aspect that Shane just vetoes everything. He has a name he loves, but I'm only mildly in like with it.

I was NOT happy to read that "Grey" as a name has grown hugely popular after the 50 Shades of Grey books. I've never read the books, and I named my son "Collin Grey" two years before the books came out. But naming a baby after the main character in an Erotic book series seems super creepy to me.

Anyway, we're pretty much 99% decided on a girl's name. I was just waiting to make sure it didn't score too highly on the popularity list. I've even started making a few things with the name in it to see how it feels.

But you never know. My mom called me Emily up until the day I was born. Maybe I'll have a little Daisy Lou or Piper Joy or some name I never even considered. But I seriously doubt it.

28 weeks along. 12 to go!


Love Being A Nonny said...

Ha Ha Ha I am laughing so hard! My niece named her baby girl Piper Joy...true story!!! LOL!

Elizabeth Peterson said...

I am sure whatever name you pick will be adorable. My cousin just named her baby girl Penelope and I LOVE that name. They are going to call her Penny but I will still call her Penelope cause I think it is just too cute!

Joy@WDDCH said...

Three of our four kids did not have names before their birth. We had several ideas. Our Zoe was the only one we named before birth (and before conception really because I had fertility issues and miscarriages - loved that the name meant LIFE and her middle name, Beth, means PROMISE OF GOD!).

So anyway we do have a girl name and a boy name picked out for this little one but we're pretty set on them so technically they have a name before birth - we're just waiting to find out if baby is a HE or a SHE.

You know... Joy IS a pretty awesome name (first or middle).

A couple girl names I love: Naomi and Charlotte. Not sure on the popularity of those but I just love them.

The Thomas Family said...

I can just hear it..."Lyd, Col, Pipe get down here right this instant!!" LOL!! What is it about needing to Yell out their whole name in a disciplinary fashion just to see if you can without laughing..hahaha!

{However, let it be on the record that I think names like Sophie, Piper and Tatum are adorable names...they just don't flow in my family}

...Oh the suspense ;)

Thanks for the link-up..I feel popular :)

Ms. B said...

I was gonna be a Carey Lynn, right up to the day I was born. Then they named me Ashley because of some random guy that my dad worked with said he heard they same on a soap opera and they liked it. Ha!

amydear said...

We had a boy name we never used, but had to kind of scramble for two girl names. The ones we liked but didn't use are Marianne, Hallie, and Genevieve. When I was five I really, really wanted to change my name to Jackie. My mom said I could when I was 18 and I was so happy.

Cheryl said...

Excited to hear what you choose! I'm sure it will be beautiful.

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