Monday, September 10, 2012

The sweetest apology

Lydia got in big trouble the other night. She was playing with her friend Maya across the street and I went over to find her as it was getting late. The girls hid from us moms for quite a while. 
When we finally found them I was a little annoyed. 
"Let's go home Lydia, it's way past your bedtime."
"Ok, just let me get my shoes."
I turned to chat with my neighbor. Soon we realized they had run to hide again. After 15 minutes of yelling for them, we finally found them in a closet.
I was very mad.
Lydia was sent to bed with no stories and no "nighttime" routine.

When I went to check on her a few hours later, I found these notes.....

This is my favorite. There's me (marked with the N) and my neighbor Kim (marked with the K)
and Lydia and her friend Maya sneaking away while we talked.

This is the best apology I've ever seen.

I, of course, felt insanely guilty and gave her loves and kisses in her sleep.

Like I mentioned in last week's post, sometimes they are little monsters, but mostly I have the best kids. 


Brittany said...

That is too cute! Love it!

ellen said...

Save these photos for her wedding video. :)

Amy F. said...

Those notes are little treasures! They sure make the bad stuff worth it. Kids are really sweet inside.

LindsayBetes said...

Precious! :) My son is only 18 months but I can't wait to get notes from my kids, so cute!

Unknown said...


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