Saturday, September 29, 2012

General Conference with kids!

It's almost time for General Conference! Saturday and Sunday, October 6th and 7th. Twice a year the leaders of the Mormon church speak. It's a wonderful event and all people of all religions are invited to participate. If you've ever wondered about what Mormons believe, this is a perfect opportunity.

We Mormons like to watch it together as families. 

It can be a little difficult for our littlest members to pay attention. 

This April we tried a "conference store". We played bingo (found in our General Conference packets). The words we listened for included, "Jesus, love, prayer, church, eternal, prophet, priesthood, and families. Anyone ever listened for how often families are mentioned in General Conference? A lot.

Most of our April store came from the Dollar Tree. Some treats. A couple bird houses to paint. Glow in the dark sticks for bathtime. They were very excited. Whenever Lydia got a bingo, Collin got a treat too. He mostly listened for the word Jesus. Also said a lot.

My October "conference store" isn't put together yet, but it came almost exclusively from the dollar section of Target when everything was 75% off.

Conference packets are awesome. I would have LOVED these as a kid.
Food Storage and Beyond is my personal pick and they just posted the October "issue".

We also set up a "Conference Reverence tent" in the living room to represent the story of King Benjamin. It was helpful since we've turned off our cable and had to watch it on my laptop.

The kids did great this last conference! Lydia learned so much. I loved to hear all of her thoughts on the words of our leaders. 

And, judge me if you want, but who doesn't like going to "church" in their pjs?

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