Monday, September 17, 2012

School on the Go!

There are a few things I've been wanting to teach Lydia that aren't covered in first grade.
Telling time.
Tying shoes. 
Understanding money.

I've asked Shane to handle shoes and clocks.

Here's how I'm handling the money lesson....

Just a piece of cardboard or thin wood, some stickers, glue gun and change.

Now as we drive I ask her to figure out different ways to make certain amounts. 

She knows lot's of different ways to make $1.16. 
That's how much my (caffeine free) diet coke refills cost.


Unknown said...

That's so clever! I'm surprised that they are not covering money in first grade. Here in Texas, they do.

Unknown said...

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Push Pop Mama said...

Love it! hope you don't get robbed!

Unknown said...

Cute idea! This would be a great type of activity to take on a long car ride. And give me a fun craft to do! Thank you for sharing your ideas.

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