Friday, July 13, 2012

Instafriday #11

This is my summer mantel. Branches, candles and a little Americana.
Isn't this a great time for home decor? Branches people. Stuff you find in the woods. That's what in.

Been adding extra color for this HOT summer. 
So hot. 
Over 100 degrees all week.
Arizona people how do you survive?

Make sure to join in on the Facebook discussion about air conditioning bills. 
Apparently, I don't have nearly as high a bill as I was complaining to have!

Needed a new toe color for my new shoes. Couldn't decide. They all came home.

Mommy daughter neon pedicures are the epitome of style.

And necessary since we are almost always barefoot.

Wet footprints on sticky floors. It's summer!

Super relieved my neighbor sent her daughter over in a heavy duty floatation device for our one foot deep kiddie pool.

Kids and I were painting and I thought I'd make something to go with the tablecloth.
When practicing a new talent "embrace the suck!"
Don't worry, I didn't hang it up. :) 

But I am looking for other pops of color for the house. 
Want this chair for our patio so much! (From Pier One)

Something to relax in while I read my crack lit. 
Just picked up this fun read. 
The book I mentioned from last week was just ok.

Saturday morning Kneaders hot chocolate and French toast. 
Thanks to a sweet husband for "making breakfast".

Shane and I hit the town later on and had dinner alfresco.

A little passionfruit creme brule in a light sprinkle.

And a quick stop to Powell's Sweet Shoppe.
Why? Because we had no kids with us! Yay!

Got home in time to get the kids to bed and watch a quick show.
Apparently leap frog is a more intense show than I previously understood it to be.

And read bedtime stories. 

After reading this page to 3 year old Collin, he looked at me solemnly and said "they died." Oh dear.

Collin was scared in the car wash, but Lydia made him feel better.
So proud the girl she is turning out to be.

Friday Flashback....Just seems like yesterday she was my tiny baby.

life rearranged

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Alzbeta said...

Oh. my. goodness! That Friday Flashback? I can't believe how adorable that is!

Kristin said...

Way cute post!! I thought you did a great job with the much better than I would have done. Good job! :)

Can't wait to hear what you think about the new Harkness book! What did you think of the first one?

Abi said...

Love those shoes!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the shoes!

The Linabooty's said...

I adore that last photo of you and lydia! What a great moment captured.

Unknown said...

I love the car wash pic!! So sweet!

Unknown said...

Looks like a great week! Hope your next week is just as fun.

TGS said...

We were just in Boise for 2 weeks and we had the most amazing weather. Sitting outside for breakfast lunch and dinner was heaven. But, then it was my SIL turn to head up there and she brought the Arizona heat and monsoon rain too apparently. Blame her. It's humid and niserable right now in Tucson so...we stay inside and try not to kill our kids from being in such close quarters with them a-l-l day long.

Lisa B. said...

I really like your painting!! I would have framed it :)

Mindy said...

Great pictures!!

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