Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stylish Dinner Ideas for Kids

For Lydia's birthday this year, my sister in law sent this awesome "Mrs. Food Plate" that you decorate with food. Usually I let Lydia arrange her food herself, but sometimes I like to try my hand at it. Some recent creations for your approval....

By the way, some of these photos are terrible. But when you have hungry kids at the table, you don't spent the time to make sure the lighting and focus are perfect. You just snap and serve.

Green bean dreadlocks with roasted potato bows and grilled tilapia cowl. 

Platinum mashed potatoes with a pork tenderloin and green bean fascinator. Strawberry earrings and a fried apple muff. 

I've heard that breakfast for dinner is becoming quite vogue again.

Corndog masquerade 

Edamame is really the most versatile accessory I've found. 

Military Breakfast chic.

 Layered grilled chicken with basil lemon vinaigrette highlights. Baked red potato earrings and a grilled zucchini necklace.

And lastly, my favorite. Retro Carmen Miranda snack ensemble.



ZogLady said...

I love it!! What fun!! I myself want one of these plates to be creative with, let alone for my kids! *LOL* ;)

As well, one of my blog posts today was about breakfast for dinner! Great minds think alike!!

Stacey B said...

You are spectacular, I absolutely love it!

Erin said...

That is so much fun! How creative! I love the plate and the endless possibilities.

Unknown said...

Those are really cute, and it looks like your kids eat really well!

Misty said...

I am totally going to do this! My kiddos would love it. Thanks for the idea. I'm ordering the plates tonight. And thanks for stopping by Your Own Home Store. THrive products are fun - Yes, sour cream. It makes a great fruit or veggie dip, works great in sauces (like Stroganoff). How did you find my blog? I actually found yours a while ago after linking to it from Shawni Pothier's 71 toes blog (I think...). It is awesome. In my reader. You have a great outlook on life as a mother!

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