Monday, January 31, 2011

What I'm getting my honey for Valentine's Day - Shhhhh, don't tell.

Every Valentine's day Shane and I choose a different theme for our Valentines gifts. Last year was "something under $10". Shane's gift blew mine out of the water. This year's theme is "something homemade". I'm stepping it up a bit.

My first gift is a personalized Calendar from Minted. I was going to make him a book of our family photos but I thought he would like something more useful.  He likes a clean desk for his work office, so instead of cluttering it with a bunch of family photos, I just made him a grand calendar in fling theme. Minted has the most scrumptious paper and beautiful design. I know he is going to love it. It turned out amazing. So beyond the regular "photo paper" calendars. I was really tempted by the more "yellow and gray" look of the vintage calendar, but this is for Shane, not me. 

It's our 10 year anniversary in May, so I added a photo of the Spokane LDS temple, 
where we were married.

Too bad we don't have a photo that includes our new nephew, Sam.
The other gift is...wait for it...... a subscription to Bon Appetit. Okay, I know that isn't a homemade gift, or even something a guy would want. But, here's the real gift. Every month he receives his magazine, I will make him a three course dinner from it's pages. Whatever he wants. He can pick an appetizer, entree and dessert.  I will serve this dinner at the table with candlelight, outside on a blanket, in front of the TV or in bed. Always his choice. I will also take care of all the dishes. 

Nice right? It's kind of a gift to me too. 
It gets my cooking stepped up a notch and gives me a night with Shane. 

What are you doing for Valentine's Day? Any other fun gift ideas? 


Amy F. said...

You're a good wife Natalie. Very thoughtful! I should make Valentine's day more romantic than the usual go out to dinner, etc.

Unknown said...

I got my hubby a couple of NFL jerseys for Valentine's Day, which is also our anniversary. We are staying in the night of, and I am cooking a 3 course meal with an appetizer featuring goat cheese and french bread, pasta carbonara and a chocolate cake with a caramel sauce between the layers. His gift may not be romantic, but any year where I can find something he wants that is not a video game is a win for me!

Kelli said...

our ten year is the end of April. (seattle temple)

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