Monday, July 7, 2014

Insta-Monday #58 Arkansas

We finally took our family to Arkansas to visit Shane's family and to see his childhood home.
 It was such a wonderful trip.

Picnics in Arkansas are just a little bit spectacular.

And babies grow faster. 3 month old Baby Jude is the same size as ten month old Elise.
Elise doesn't like to share Grammy.

Or she just likes to pick on her cousins.

 Porch swing, sunset and herbal sweet tea. Just a bit of heaven.

Everyone gathers to watch a rainstorm.

Elise learned a new trick. She'll be walking in no time. :(

Boys only camping trip! Canoeing and roly-poly hunting included.

Lydia had a little date with Grammy.
(No touch up here. She really looks that young.)

Elise was pretty taken with her Grandpa.

Family photo in the "creek". (Looked like a river to me.) Shortly followed by a torrential downpour. Magical. Can this be our family Christmas card?

Kids swimming with Grammy and Daddy.
(My hubby's a hottie.)

Shane's brother and his wife Brittney were the best hosts. 

You guys are awesome.

And the fact you live on a farm is pretty fantastic.
Come on children, let's go hunt for breakfast.

Then pick veggies from the garden for dinner.
Play with the sweet dogs. 
Make home made soap.
Wash babies in the kitchen.

Sitting watching the fire, lightening bugs and black-eyed Susans. Lulled by the constant chorus of cicadas and dewy hot air. I knew coming back to the South would be wonderful.
 I didn't expect it to feel like coming home.

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HeidiK said...

Wow!! Fantastic, funny, sweet and beautiful pictures :)

Jill said...

Well I'm a huge fan of this post, being an Arkansan myself. :) Beautiful photos of your beautiful family in my beautiful State!!

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