Friday, July 18, 2014

Insta-Friday #59 - Nordstrom Family Reunion

We arrived back from Arkansas and left 2 days later for the....
Nordstrom Reunion! 

My sister and I caravanned together and drove through Pendleton, Oregon to celebrate with my Grandma for her 82nd birthday. Isn't her house cool?

We started the party by Grandma sitting the kids down to explain why old people like dogs.
(Say all you want Grandma, I'll still ask you to put your jumpy dog away when we come to visit.)

Little Elise and her Great Grandma.

Spokane in summer is so gorgeous. My parents view isn't half bad either. 
Everyone trying to catch a glimpse of three baby fawn below.

The kids and I spent the 4th of July with my parents on their lovely boat.

Coeur d'Alene is one of my favorite places on earth.

(Had to spend the morning in the kitchen getting ready,
 but that doesn't mean the party couldn't start right away.)

No better place to watch fireworks than from a boat with family.

And nothing better than when your ENTIRE immediate family gets together!!!

My dad's hobby has always been to try and flip us off the tube. 

Private tour with the local fire department, who just happened to see the kids and mom out for a golf cart ride. Pretty sure the golf cart is not legal to drive on the road now that I think about it.

Shoes optional.

Bonfire and Movie night.

Liverpool Rummy championship won by team Shwayne. 
I came in dead last.

Elise was pretty taken with Uncle Wayne. 

Pretty excited that he and my sister Molly are expecting a little girl this December!

It's so fun to have little babies around. My nephew max is the happiest baby that's ever been

Thirty years ago my family planted a sapling in the front yard of our home.
 Thought I'd take the kids to see it today. It's grown a bit.

Shane made it up for the weekend.

All us Nordstrom sisters have pretty great taste in husbands.

Baby crashing the slip and slide.

Friendly deer saying hello.

Swinging time.
Pretty amazing place to grown up. Even more amazing to bring my babies home here. 

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HeidiK said...

More amazing pictures!! I especially loved the 30-year old sapling picture. Hey I see those "peekers" behind the column on the porch in the first picture! :) And your parents' view -- just breathtaking!

TGS said...

I think this is my favorite post from you. :) Oh and the one about throwing a dust pan across the room out of frustration. Made me feel normal.

The Thomas Family said...

The sapling has nostalgia for me. Grandma Lil & Grandpa Jack still live down the road ...I see that place every now & again! I knew right where that was.

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