Monday, October 28, 2013

Best New Mommy Gifts - and what Mommy needs to get herself

Ah, gifting for the new mommy. If it's at the shower, you want something that gets the approprate "Ooooooo, so cute!" response. But when you want to bring something for a new mommy, you want to bring something useful or comforting. Something for the woman who just delivered a baby and thus, is in need of a little pampering. Here are some of my top new mommy gift ideas, straight from the mouth of a new mommy.  (Man. I'm tired. Babies are exhausting. I just had to throw that out there.)

  • Something pretty to wear. That will fit. 
No one feels pretty right after giving birth. Your body is just, well, weird. Bring over something that will make a new mom feel pretty without having to struggle to fit into it. A fuzzy pair of socks, a soft new scarf or a cute cap to pull up that greasy hair. My friend brought me a thin cardigan in the hospital that fit over my nightgown. It was perfect. I LOVE these hair ties from Anthropologie. What a useful little splurge for $12. 

  • Food. Well duh. 
Getting meals after baby is pretty much the best thing in the world. I recommend Bev's Macaroni and Cheese. Mainly cause it's awesome and the kids will eat it too. My next door neighbor brought over all the fixings for sandwiches. Guess what I ate for an entire week for lunch. (Tip....Find out when Grandma is leaving to head back home and bring meals then!) 

  • NoseFrida - the snot sucker
Don't judge me, but the NoseFrida is freaking awesome. And totally gross. But not really all that gross once you've used it. Unless you've had a baby, you can not understand how horrible it is to see your baby stuffed up and not be able to help. The blue nasal aspirators are terrible and usually freak your baby into hysteria. With this, you actually use your own suction to remove snot from your baby, but I want to clarify, there is no way you will actually get snot in your mouth! I promise. And it's incredibly effective. Check out the Amazon reviews if you don't believe me. And it's super cheap too. Your new mommy friend will love you for this gift. ANYTHING that helps the baby from screaming. 

  • Paper plates
Huh? Did she just say paper plates? Yep. This is a terrific new mom gift. Bringing dinners to a new mom is so helpful. Adding some paper plates to the delivery makes it perfect. A friend did this for me and every time I grabbed a plate I thought how grateful I was not to have to wash a dish. You can even use the Stephmodo tutorial on paper plate upgrade if you really want to go crazy. Maybe just bring over a couple boxes of cereal, some paper bowls and plastic spoons. Seriously, she'll love you.

  • Bamboobies
Ouch. Nursing hurts in the beginning. Sore nipples and engorgement. Yuk. My aunt sent me a pair of Bamboobies washable nursing pads and they were like putting pillows in my bra. (Not like when I put actual pillows in my bra in junior high.) Soft, absorbent and subtle under clothes. These would be lovely for a nursing mom.

And then hold that baby for an hour while she uses it. (If she had a c-section, then let her take a long shower. She can't take a bath. Bummer.) Tell her to wash her hair, dry it and put on fresh pjs. She will feel a million times better. (Especially if you get her this ubber fancy honey bath from Nordstrom. Yum.)

  • Diapers and wipes. 

I couldn't leave those off the list. Every new mom is thrilled to get these. You just can't imagine how many a baby will go through. I recommend not getting newborn diapers, but getting size 1 or 2. A lot of moms never need newborn size. Or just ask what size they want. Personally, my tiny baby was in newborn diapers for a while. Not "fun" enough of a gift? Just make a diaper cake. I made a cowboy themed diaper cake and it was a huge hit.

  • A Glossy new magazine
She doesn't want a book. She wants something mindless to look through while she nurses for countless hours a day. 

  • A HUGE Diet Coke
Or whatever other drink she craves. Maybe a Dirty Diet Coke like this one from Little Miss Momma. The first thing I did when I was allowed to drive again was go get myself some carbonated relief. The first thing Shane brought me as a treat was a Starbucks hot chocolate. 

Now. What should you get yourself before you give birth? 

  • Bronzer - With no sleep and going through delivery, you won't believe how much better you'll look with a little color. Add some lip gloss while you're at it. No one looks totally trashed with glossy lips. I like Mac Bronzer, but the Kohls brand "Flirt" bronzer is cheaper and still really nice. 
  • The softest, lightest, most comfortable nightgown with buttons for nursing. Especially if you're having a c-section. They have often have really nice ones at T.J Max and Ross. 
  • Get yourself a nursing night bra. You will not want to sleep without some support and some nursing pads in place. And you can wear this if you have to have a c-section.
  • Black yoga pants. Buy them when you are about 5-6 months along. Then they'll fit post baby. pack them for the hospital. You'll LIVE in them for months. I have two pairs and I still wear them almost everyday.
  • Slippers you will want to wear all day. (Personally, I wear mens Crocs (wider than womens) with fuzzy socks. The most comfortable thing ever, and I can wash the socks way easier than slippers.) 
  • Make your favorite treat. Freeze them for baby blues emergencies. (I made scotcharoos.)
Now you're all set for making some new mom super happy :) 
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Jessie Jones said...

I may have to get a sweet expectant friend (first-time mom) some Bamboobies as part of her shower gift! :-) Thanks for sharing!

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