Friday, January 11, 2013

InstaFriday #24 - the New Year so far

Shane and I actually made it to midnight this New Year Eve! We celebrated with a little Thai takeout and this huge A** fortune cookie. The fortune sucked. 

I was too sick to go, but the kids and Shane sent me pics from their New Years Eve adventure at the Winter Garden A-glow. I spent my evening in a bubble bath. So win-win.

While putting away Christmas, Collin discovered my "sexy mrs. Claus" nighty, tucked in a box. As soon as I saw him wearing it, I knew it was ruined for me forever. :)

Been making stock and soup a ton. 
Thanks Mom for my new fancy pot and to Shane for my new fancy stove. 

After the total excess of Christmas, it feels so good to just go back to uncluttered yellow.

Who says yellow isn't a Winter color?
(Thank you Laura for this amazing handmade pillow!)

Though, as is our tradition, Christmas cards stay up a couple extra weeks. 
Thanks to everyone who sent one!
Lydia and Shane stayed up late preparing her talk for church. It had to be good because it was on 
Collin's first day of Primary!!!

The kids and I enjoyed a bed picnic of herbal tea and cake. All prepared by daddy who then enjoyed some quiet time in the living room.

We had gorgeous snow on Monday, which is as good a reason as any for a hot chocolate date with my favorite little man. He stole both pastries and ate the blueberries out of the muffin and frosting off the scone.

Shane was out of town and I really didn't want to deal with my cabin fever kids at home, so we headed for some glow in the dark miniature golf.  Lydia got a hole-in-one!

Yesterday we had a snow day!!!! I love the snow.

(Thank you Shane for my new Anthropologie mug. I really think it's helpful to him that I have a signature color and store when it comes to his gifting responsibilities. I'm a good wife that way.)

First step for the perfect snow day, run outside in bare feet first thing in the morning, then warm up by the fire. It's tradition. I did it all the time with my brother and sisters.

Second step, bundle up and head outside....

To taste some snow.

Last step to a perfect snow day, something baked and yummy to go with hot chocolate.

Egg Nog Bread! SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!

It's been a pretty good year so far.

Thank you for your comments and emails about my last post

And going along with that post, I thought I'd share my facebook update:

Collin was so crazy hyper at bedtime, I could not get him dressed/brush teeth/pee, all that good stuff. So while he was kicking and laughing hysterically at my attempts to put on his pjs, I said "remember that movie we saw a little while ago, Fox and the Hound?" (Still hysterically laughing and ignoring me.) "Remember how Tod's mommy drove him out into the forest and left him there alone? That was sad huh?" That did the trick. He was calm and sad and a little teary instantly. Cuddled him back to happy and he's asleep. Sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do.

(Terrible! I know. But look how sweetly he's sleeping!)

Hope you all are having a great New Year so far!

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Cari said...

Laughing about poor mrs claus ;) or shall I say poor mr claus... Love that yellow umbrella!

LindsayBetes said...

Hilarious! Love that "Fox and the Hound" comment. Too funny! :)

April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears said...

Agree--The Fox & The Hound comment...PRICELESS! :)

Unknown said...

Mmmm eggnog bread sounds and looks so yummy right now. Fox and the Hound always made me cry as a kid. I couldn't imagine the effect it would have now as a mom.

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