Friday, April 20, 2012

This week.

Ok, I'm a wee bit in love with instagram. It's pretty fun. I haven't picked up my camera for a while now.  I just carry my phone and I'm good. 

On a walk around the neighborhood, we discovered an empty clover field with a large sand-pile.
We made some new friends as well.

Collin loves to be outside.

Just kicking it with his peeps. 

When it's so beautiful, how can you not want to bask in the sunshine.

Loving that we bought a house with established trees.

Of course our lawn needs work.
On the bright-side, I'm already getting dandelion bouquets.

And other nice treats as well.
I was finally up for an upgrade with my cell phone provider and I got myself an iPhone.
I'm in love. And the built in camera is awesome.

Shane snapped this shot of me and I thought it was kind of cool.
Thought I'd try editing it in PicMonkey, the Picnik replacement.

Really cool program. Thank heavens.
I cried a little when Picnik announced it was closing. Seriously I did.
(They don't have collages yet. I did that collage yesterday on Picniks last day.)

I made papaya muffins for an afternoon treat. 
Kind of like a mix between banana and pumpkin muffins. 
I don't normally like papaya, but these were yummy.

Yesterday I didn't want to vacuum so I made strawberry sauce instead. 
Thought it would be good over ice cream or cake this weekend.

Went antiquing and was so close to picking this beauty up.

And these.

And this.
I love peter pan collars.

But I am trying to keep myself on a budget. 

Be good Natalie.

I've been rocking a top knot almost every day for months now. 
I hope the bun stays in style for a long long time.

I like it for church too. 

We didn't get a photo Easter morning, so I had Shane snap one last Sunday. It was just such a beautiful day. I don't usually plan matching outfits with Lydia, 
but just this once I thought it'd be fun. 
(Bag from Sweet Pea Totes)

Hope your week was sunny too.

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Diana said...

Thats actually a really really cute bun! I dont think I can ever pull that off. Then again Ive Never tried it on the very top of my head just the bottom.

Cari said...

Love all the pics! And congrats on the iphone- a mother's best friend- especially for doctor visits and grocery shopping!

Cari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ZogLady said...

I'm SOOOOO very glad that I wasn't the only one that cried a little when Picnik said they were shutting down! *L*

Love reading your blog (still!)... :)

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