Friday, April 13, 2012

The best photos ever

A couple weeks ago I showed you this sneak peek of a mini session I had with Randi from m Photo. It was the only shot I had seen. Then I got the rest of the images and I am dying over them. Dying! I want an entire wall of my house to be covered with them. I always wondered if I thought my kids were the cutest in the world because they were mine and that's just what moms think about their kids. But no. I'm pretty sure they are the cutest ever.

Look at that fist full of cheek!

Got this cute clip from Petunia Blooms.  Bowtie from Gloria Jane.

They don't get these blue eyes from me.

But the curls, I can claim.

That and the attitude.

Oh my gosh, he is SOOOO darling!

And she is just so lovely.

Did I mention these were taken with film? Look close and you can tell.
I did crop them a bit for blogging purpose.

(Randi usually takes digital for sessions. Just FYI.)

See the candy? I told you, it's the key.

I had no plans of being in any photos, but for the last minute of shooting, I jumped in. 
Good thing I actually put on makeup this day.

HOW do I choose which ones to frame???

I can't. I'll have to frame them all.

Thank you thank you thank you Randi from Randi M Photography!

Spokane WA sessions also available. 


Blair said...

Seriously cute. The pictures, but mostly the kids.

Cari said...

They are so adorable! Love those curls.

Anonymous said...

They are all so great! My favorite is the 3rd! I love his facial expression. Priceless!

Kathleen W. said...

You're right! Best photos ever. You've got model-quality kiddos. :)

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