Thursday, January 19, 2012

Holly Marie Jewelry

I so wanted to showcase Holly Marie Jewelry early last November, but by that time they were totally booked with Christmas orders. I thought I would share some of their lovelies now for those of you looking for a Valentines or Mother's Day gift. It would be just the thing to go in together on with your siblings for a very deserving mom. (I know it's early, but again, the slots to create a one of a kind piece fill up fast!)

For my 10 anniversary this year I wanted a souvenir. But I had a particular idea for this item. I wanted an heirloom. Something that would last for years. See, as I thought about the 10 years of marriage I was celebrating, I kept having the same thought. More than anything, I wanted my daughter to have the same joy in marriage that I have. I wanted her to remember the love she witnessed as a child, and not to settle for anything less. I wanted to give her something, when she went out into the world, to remind her of this. To wait until she finds what she wants.

When I saw the Holly Marie Petal Ring, I knew right away it was what I wanted. With a vintage, rustic feel, I knew this jewelry would stand the test of time. I picked out a photo from my wedding day I loved and sent it to Holly. Soon after I received this gorgeous ring. It's perfect. Light enough for me to wear every day, beautiful enough to receive compliments on it just as often. Classic enough that one day when I give it to my daughter, it will be just as lovely. It's stunning.

Holly crafts each piece of her jewelry by hand. She uses precious metals – primarily sterling & 18k gold layered sterling – mixing it with crystals, leather, & gemstones. Precious photos are permanently sealed and metal marked with whimsical personalized inscriptions of names, words & poetry. Each piece a commissioned work of art unique to the wearer. They are waterproof to showers and rain. (Not chlorinated pools.)

Holly Marie Jewelry has beautiful necklaces and bracelets as well. I have my eye on the Heart of Gold necklace for Valentine's day this year. And for my next baby, I think I may just have to ask Shane for the Bohemian bracelet.

If you are looking for a breathtaking gift to last for generations, make sure to check out the rest of the wares over at Holly Marie Jewelry


The Escobedos said...

My husband bought me a necklace from Holly Marie Jewelry for Christmas with a picture of our three kids on it, I love the vintage look. I had seen the link on your blog and told him about it, thanks.

Natalie Jane said...

That is so great! I hope you love it!

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