Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Getting ready to do a little service today. We had a great lesson in Relief Society (the Mormon class on Sunday for women) about getting outside ourselves and I felt inspired. Nothing cheers you more than cheering someone else. Of course, it's nice to be served too. I swear, I will never forget the day when the young women at my church came over and mopped my floors. That was a good day.  

Other good things:

The house I would buy if money was no issue.
Way to refill the Swiffer Wet Jet Bottle! Cause for $4 a pop, it's a total rip.
My (way too beautiful) friend Sabrina and her great style.
The hairstyle I must perfect before Hawaii.
Story to warm your heart.
Funny people are awesome.
A winner of my one of my giveaways shows off her prize in use. Darling!
The backpack I would get if I was still in school.
If you have a big tree, these swings are a must.
LOVE this hat. In black please.


The winner of the doTerra Giveaway is April. Congrats! 
Email me and I will get you your prize. 
I hope the peppermint oil helps with your...um....constipation.


Sabrina Says Blog said...

Natalie, you are too kind! Thank you for the linkup!!

Sabrina Says

Rach said...

Thank you I needed a sign to give with my FHE, this is perfect. We are just doing warm fuzzy in the friend August 2011. Just if you wanted to know.
Anyways Thank you !!!!!

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