Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Lovelies

Next year I think I will do all my wrapping like Martha.

And my cooking like Ina

Just green. What a perfect holiday theme. And you can keep it up all Winter and into early Spring.

Though a pop of yellow really makes the holidays sparkle. But I'm biased. 

Why didn't I think of this. Powdered doughnuts are so snowy delightful.

But I would be the coolest mom on the block if I had this on display. 

What am I talking about? I am the coolest mom on the block! (At least I think so. I've never met any of the other ones.)

Liquid chocolate. This should be way more popular than coffee. +

Maybe by next Christmas I can get a place that doesn't have a dang TV over the mantel so I can decorate it properly. 

Lydia is playing a mouse in the Nutcracker Ballet. If I had my stuff together, I would totally throw her this Nutcracker Suite Ballet Party. Darling!

Sweet Paul is my creative idol.


And lastly, CONGRATS to my baby sister who just gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Samuel Lee. What a wonderful Christmas gift for our family. Molly, you will be a wonderful mother. And Sam, I will never wrap your birthday gift in Christmas paper. I promise.

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