Friday, September 24, 2010

Birthdays and Farewells

Forgive me. This post could also be titled "A whole lot of photos with me smiling at the camera." 


My birthday week was lovely yet sad. I was reminded how much my Chattanooga friends mean to me and how much I will miss them. 

A very last minute birthday dinner. (That tends to happen when you announce, "Oh, by the way, I'm moving in 12 days." We talked so long, we almost got kicked out of the restaurant. My sister Emily was there too. She took the photo. Still so sad we didn't get her in a photo.

How incredible is this cake?!? So yellow.... and don't even get me started about the darling (themed!) gifts. My friends are seriously rad. I'm going to go into Girl's Night mourning in Boise.

Shane's gift to me was to watch the kids, and my friend Jenn's kids (her husband helped too) while Jenn and I went out for the day. While we were gone they made us a birthday cake. You can see the top of my "girls night" birthday cake didn't go to rest. 

Took Lydia on a last "Tea Party" playdate with her best friend Kate. Click here to see more of the fun. Seriously, you want to check them out. They might even bring a little tear to your eye.

A little b-day cake with some of our favorite friends. Shane is going to miss his best friend Todd. 
(You may see him in the new Tyler Perry movie. So fun being friends with a movie star!)

One last wednesday lunch at Lupis. (Best whole wheat bruschetta in the world!) If you could hear the screaming that was emanating from our children while this photo was taken, most of them off camera, you would be amazed how we could keep our smiles on.

My actual birthday was in Spokane with my parents, Lydia and Collin. I took a 3 hour nap. Woke up to almond poppyseed cake. Ended with playing liverpool rummy. So yea, it was awesome. 

Such a beautiful day, we had a little birthday picnic with Grandma too.

While in Spokane, my best friend Carrie drove down with her two sons so we could celebrate our birthdays together. We have been doing this since we were 16 years old. Whenever we are in Spokane, we head to the Coeur d'Alene resort for a gynormous ice cream sundae. They taste as good as ever. We used to want to go dancing at the bar, but we always got kicked out for being underage. Now we probably wouldn't even get carded. sigh

Look familiar? My friend Wendy got me a cupcake that looks just like the one I posted in my birthday countdown post. And in regards to that post, I should address my goal to fit into those fabulous linen pants by my birthday. So yes, I was able to wear them for a birthday outing. However, after these last couple weeks of celebrating, they don't fit anymore. As soon as we are settled in, I am (once again) starting to run. And NO MORE CAKE! 

Well. Actually, I have a cake themed giveaway coming up. But after that, I'm going on a sugar detox.

Thanks for all the birthday love.

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amydear said...

Wow. That is a lot of cake. You and Carrie are so beautiful. How fun to still stay in touch and be friends. They don't have mud pie on the menu at Dockside anymore and I am very sad about that.

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