Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I'm dreaming of tonight - posted at 12:05 am when I should be sleeping but I drank too much diet coke while watching Harold and Maude

I know. I know that my complaining of the heat is annoying. But really and truly it is SO HOT! I mean so hot a walk to the mailbox is like taking a steam. Poor Shane had to mow the lawn yesterday. It's too hot to do anything but complain. So what am I dreaming of tonight? May. In Washington. When this shot was taken (by my sister Abby) I remember thinking, it doesn't get much better than this. Comfortable in jeans and a hoodie with all my family around.

Of course - I have May 2011 to look forward to. In Hawaii!

Carrie and Xander, are you still game? 


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Jessie said...

Girl, I am there with you. It is H.O.T. here in the south. No playing outside for us. It has been hard trying to keep the kiddos active indoors so that they are still worn out at night. I keep thinking that in a few more months we will have good weather :)

susansmoaks said...

oh i am so excited, hubby's birthday is next week!

he'll be so excited!

thank you!

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