Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Come Chat with Me!

Don't forget! Today at 1:30-3:30 EST CDT (I will be hosting a "Naptime Chat" on the Huggies facebook page. I would love to have some blogging friends stop by. I even have a friend coming over to watch the kiddies so I can be on the computer with no distractions (during the day!!!).

On a side note, I'm a little bothered at mister Collin today. He is officially sleeping through the night (yippee!), but he has decided that 5:24am is his favorite time to wake up for the day. Oh, I know I should be counting my blessings, but really, I want to sit and stare at the wall in an exhausted stupor. I'm proud of myself though. No breakdowns or cry sessions. After the early morning blur, I seem to rally. Still, I would really like to sleep in until 6:30. I guess one can only dream.

Make sure to come chat with me today. I would love to hear your thoughts on the questions posed. It also gets you three extra entries into the Huggies Giveaway :)

As a little treat, click here for a $3 off coupon for Huggies Little Movers. (Click on Huggies on the left).

Thursday update- Thanks for everyone who participated. There were so many great questions! Make sure to get your extra three entries on tuesdays giveaway!


kristi lee said...

good luck with the chat. can't make it. closing on the new place @ 2!!! had mary jane come over yesterday for ideas. she says hello. it was so fun to see her.

xcdenke said...

You AMAZE me!! How do you find the time? Love the jean diapers. Collin looks so cute in them. Glad to hear he is sleeping through the night, except for that 5am wake-up call. So sorry! Missing you and love you. I need my drama-less friend.

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