Friday, September 11, 2009

10 Years Ago Today

10 years ago today I met this guy named Shane (the one in the brown). My best friend Carrie (the really tan blond one) was finally turning 21 and a few of us were going out to dinner and then dancing. One of my close friends from High School, Rusty (the one in the dark blue) asked if he could invite his old mission companion, Shane. I said "as long as he is cool and can dance".

I showed up in my black wig and polyester vintage shirt (yes, that is me), not expecting to meet the "coolest, hottest guy ever". (As quoted from my journal entry that night.) By the end of the night I was having to remind myself not to smile like a total idiot at everything he said. I actually gave him my number without him asking (a first for me).

9 years ago today, that guy Shane proposed. I was wearing the same black wig and polyester shirt and we went to that same restaurant. He proposed on a mountain overlooking the city lights. Saying yes was the easiest decision of my life. 8 months later, we were married.

A lot has changed in the last 10 years, but often I still have to keep myself from smiling like a total idiot at everything Shane says.

Want to see a couple minute video recap of the last 10 years? Click here.

Thank you Lisa for finding me this photo! (She is the one in the stripes)

Happy 31st Birthday Carrie!

Happy 10 year anniversary to Rusty and Sara too! Rusty (the friend from high school) met Shane's sister Sara that same night 10 years ago today. They were married the next June. Sara isn't in the photo as she wasn't old enough to come dancing with us. She still hasn't forgiven us all for ditching her :)


The winner of the Sew Cute Shop "Auty Top" is Granola Girl! (I promise! I know she is my friend but she really did win! doesn't cheat. You can ask my Brother-in-law Garrett, he was witness.)


S Club Mama said...


lisa said...

I can't believe that was ten years ago! We look like babies.

Modern Crush said...

So so sweet Natalie! You two are adorable, and that is an awesome story!! <3

House Queen said...

That is such a sweet post!!!!!!!
I would not have recognized you in that black wig!
It looks like you two are a match made in heaven!

Randi said...

ha! love that you met him while wearing that. awesome. true love.

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