Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tagged....a lot.

I am really terrible about responding to tags. I have the best intentions, but right now between Facebook tags and those from bloggers, I am like a dozen behind. I did respond to one - so I won't be repeating any questions from that post. I thought I would just make up my own tag questions, using one or two questions from each tag I haven't responded to yet. Feel free to use the list for your own if you want. I won't be tagging anyone, but if you want to answer one of my questions for yourself (on this post) that would be pretty cool. :)

1. What albums most influenced your life?

  • Smashing Pumpkins siamese dream - Best Album ever?
  • Radiohead Ok Computer
  • Veruca Salt American Thighs - That is the kind of band I imagined myself singing in.
  • Tiffany - 6th grade bliss.
  • Wee Sing Silly Songs
  • 2. What did you want to be when you "grew up"?

  • As a little girl I wanted to be a mother. As a teenager and in college, I wanted a job that was focused on art and traveling. (So I studied art, worked at an art gallery and traveled ...then I became a mother. Win-win)

  • 3. What were your favorite subjects in college?
    • Comparative French Literature, Mayan Studies, American Art and Literature

    4. Least favorite subjects in college?

    Economics (yawn) and all other French classes other than Literature. (I butcher the language of love.)

    5. What are you anal about?

    • Expiration dates. It doesn't matter if the deli meat says it is good until May 1st. If it was opened March 15, you only have 7 days to eat it. It says so on the package!
    • Putting dishes away when they are still wet. Yuk. I am big on using a drying rack.

    6. What are your favorite smells?

    • Cut grass - especially onion grass
    • Burning leaves
    • The beach
    • Citrus candles
    • Basil
    • Saturday night in a big city in the summer (asphalt and cooking food from nearby restaurants)
    • A clean house
    • Everything Christmas time
    • Baking bread
    • Chance Eau Fraiche by Chanel (and I've run out!)
    • Shane

    • 7.What was your best kiss, other than your husband?

      • This question made me laugh, how do you answer this without getting in trouble with someone - or someone else in trouble?! :) I will just say it was on a birthday, on a dark city street, against a brick wall.

      8. What was your best kiss with your husband? (I am adding this one myself.)
      • Our last kiss. They just keep getting better.....

      • Oh, and we had this amazing kiss in some Mayan ruins down in Guatemala once. You wouldn't think of Tikal as being a romantic get away, but you'd be wrong :)

      9. If you could blow $5,000, what would it be on?

      • Great camera and lens
      • Great vacuum
      • New bike for Shane (for triathlons. Not a motorcycle. That would be the LAST thing I would buy.)

      • The rest on a vacation for Shane and I that includes the beach, virgin margaritas and massages.

      10. What is your greatest accomplishment?

      It may not be very P.C. to say, but becoming a wife and mother.

                                                There you go. I hereby claim to have fulfilled all tags. I tag no one.


                                              Nama said...

                                              I'm horrible about tags, too. In order for me to feel "up to" responding to a tag, I have to be feeling a sense of obligation mixed with boredom with a dash of egotism.

                                              And I'm horribly jealous that you've been to Tikal. Of course it's a romantic place! :)

                                              Mommystired said...

                                              i love all those bands!

                                              Push Pop Mama said...

                                              If I had $5,000 I would get you your camera.

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