Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Tree(s)

I will begin by saying that Shane and I are all about the real Christmas tree. Not only that, but we drive to North Carolina to cut ours down from our favorite mountain tree farm. Blame it on the pregnancy exhaustion, but this year I wanted a break. We decided to go artificial. Of course, we plan on this being a one time thing, so I didn't want to invest in a pricey tree. Instead I thought of these three smaller trees that have been in our attic since a Hobby Lobby 90% off sale a few years back.

Since we were breaking the mold, I thought we could play around with the color scheme. Purple and silver replaced our usual red and green. I'm glad these ornaments finally made an appearance. When Shane and I first got engaged we planned on a December wedding. We eventually postponed the wedding until the next spring, but only after my mom and I purchased every lavender ornament we could get our hands on.

I'm not totally loving our new look, there is something to be said about classic tradition, but it is a fun change. Kind of romantic. In the years to come our tree will be draped with handmade macaroni ornaments and strung popcorn. Most likely all the decor will be on the bottom half of the tree, where eager little hands can reach. This year, the grown ups are still in charge. - Well, kind of. Lydia tipped two of the trees over 5 minutes after we had finished decorating. Wish I had taken a photo of the trees before that happened. :)


ZogLady said...

Oh they're beautiful!!!

See now I'm all over the real tree bit but my Husband isn't... and somehow he wins (maybe because I need him to haul the real tree for me... *L*)...

This year we've also changed our theme a bit (color) and have two different trees. A smaller one (about 4.5ft) in the kitchen just for our girls to decorate and the bigger one in the front room for the grown-ups to decorate. It's neat!

I love your color scheme!

Excellent job! :D

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I love it! :)

April said...

I actually really like the three tree look- I did two one year-

looks really beautiful from the pictures Natalie

Anonymous said...

I think it's gorgeous, but I am a huge fan of plum, purple, eggplant allof them!

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