Friday, March 21, 2008

Ode to Spring

Ah, Spring has sprung. I am usually a fall/winter person at heart, but there are so many wonderful aspects of Springtime. For your enjoyment, just a few of my personal favorites.....

Spring Cleaning. (Lydia, get ready for some extra TV time!)
Smell of onion grass right after someone has mowed their lawn.

Best Spring scent ever! I love citrus smells and I claim this scent as the one the best encompasses my personality. (Can I do that?)
My signature perfume is the 2nd best spring scent ever.
Cherry Blossoms. I am still partial to the Lilacs that grow in my hometown of Spokane, at least for the smell. Cherry Blossoms on the other hand make springtime drives spectacular.

Spring is the time to showcase my 2 carat Canary Diamond ring. (I fell in love with this ring when I worked at this high end Art Gallery a few years ago. It was $18, 000. The jeweler there was nice enough to order me a jeweler's sample - same thing in white gold and cubic zirconium. If you won't tell, I won't either)

Cadbury Eggs. And the BEST part?.....there is no peanut warning!!! One of the first chocolates that Lydia can eat!

Fresh fruit returns. - I am attempting this blackberry dish for Easter. We will see.

Very, Very best thing about Spring. Hydrangeas. My favorite flower of all time. I bought some for my kitchen table just yesterday. (When Shane and I lived in the mountains of North Carolina, we used to dress in black and steal hydrangeas at night from a huge bush in an overgrown field. No such opportunity here. Too bad. )

Now, please comment with your favorites.....


lisa said...

I share your love of hydrangeas. On the Oregon coast, I think it's mandatory to have them in your yard. They are everywhere. So pretty. Also, Starburst Jellybeans. They are not just regular jelly beans, don't worry. They are exceptional.

xcdenke said...

I love your best odes to anything. They are always entertaining. I miss the smell of lilacs too! They cost so much here. The orange blossoms have become my #1 now. Glad you had a great Easter! Happy Spring Cleaning.

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