Sunday, January 31, 2016

Spa Birthday Party!

Lydia turned 10 this weekend! So she invited 9 of her friends over for a fantastic Spa Party.

Photo booth to show off cute jammies. 

To make manicures a little more fun, we played "Manicure Spin the Bottle". Each girl picked their favorite bottle of mail polish. Then we spun an extra bottle, and whoever it landed on decided what finger everyone would paint using her color. 10 girls for 10 fingers and everyone ended up with identical manicures. 

We did pedicures and the girls painted mud masks on each other's faces. Cucumbers on eyes, Pandora spa station and battery candles set the relaxing mood. 

Lastly appetizers, fancy drinks (watermelon lemonade with a hit of sprite), and a big naked cake made by Daddy. 

Perfectly lovely for our lovely girl.

Happy Birthday Lydia Jane!

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Amy F. said...

Looks like a perfect 10 year old party! I can't believe your husband made that cake! Impressive!

pandaandlion said...

It's been forever since I have had time to read blogs, but I think this is so cute! I would do this for my own birthday haha.

zerry ht said...

Spa Birthday Party! Sounds fully enjoyable and fun-filled. Really loved watching these party pictures. A spa party is best girl party. I also hosted spa themed party for my sister at one of popular party venues in SF. Everyone loved it.

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