Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall Flower Arrangements - less calories than chocolate!

If you follow me on Instagram (@natssentiments) you may have noticed I like to "Stress Bake". When I get stressed, I immediately turn to my pantry to come up with something to fill the house with baking smells and tastes of dough (usually chocolate). However, I am trying to quit my sugar addiction. This is not easy, in case you were wondering. 

Luckily, my second favorite way to de-stress is flower arranging. (Calorie Free.) And guess what? I got the best happy mail last week, huge box of Fall flowers from ProFlowers. I also had a little event I needed some festive decor for, so I decided to clean out a pumpkin, stick in a mason jar and make a little pumpkin arrangement. I could have also used floral foam, but with such a deep pumpkin, it didn't seem necessary. I wanted it up high so it could be seen above the food on the serving table, so I found an old candle holder (I'm pretty sure I bought in Israel over a decade ago!) removed the glass holder and just used the base. The mason jar was a little too high to be completely hidden, so I tied a large silk ribbon around the base to hide it. I used a similar color as the greenery since I didn't want to distract from the pumpkin.

Or straight on the table works too right?

But what to do with extra flowers???

Just a few mums and a cluster of berries, and some greenery. 
Terra-cotta pot (hobby lobby) plus a bit of wet floral foam.

Wet Floral foam makes arranging flowers really really easy. Really. 

Same idea, just greenery instead of berries. 

I've seriously had this pot (urn?) for years and never known what to do with it. 
This seemed to work nicely. Again, used floral foam.
I added a gourd from the grocery store. I just put it on a wood bamboo stick I normally use for grilling kabobs. I added a few plastic berries so I could shape them.

Just look at all the calories I saved arranging flowers all afternoon! 
Now I must go bake the goodies for the party. 

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Forever said...

WOW! How did you learn to do this?

Randi said...

Beautiful arrangements, naturally. :)

Push Pop Mama said...

OH MY WORD. Can you come do a party for me???

Recipe Dutchess said...

Linking blog, test.

Natalie Jane said...

Forever - I used to work as a Florist. It's was pretty cool.

Push Pop Mama- Sure! Just by me a plane ticket!

Thanks Randi!

Melanie Anne said...

Hey Natalie!! I have taken a break from the blogging world--not intentionally just got busy I guess. Anyway--it was so fun to catch up with you:) I LOVE LOVE LOVE these arrangements. I am so impressed!! Gorgeous!!!

Natalie Jane said...

Hey Melanie! I took a LONG maternity leave from blogging :) it's good to be back though!

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