Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hi there.

You guys are sweet. Thanks for checking on me through email and Instagram. This has been my longest hiatuses from blogging in the last eight years. 

But thanks to Pinterest, my page views never went down, ha! 
Take that people who say we should not slack.

So, why gone so long?

The reason I started this blog was to deal with the loneliness of having a husband who traveled all the time. It started when Lydia was not quite one. After a long day of mommying, blogging seemed like a better outlet than TV. And if I didn't have an outlet of some kind, I didn't know when to stop the never ending chores of being a mother. When Shane is home and the kids are asleep, he relaxes. And that tells me I can relax. But without him home, I just keep working. That that makes for a very worn out Natalie. So, I blogged. Or made jewelry. Or embroidery. Or read. Lots and lots and lots of books to fill the quiet time at night.

So in ways, Shane's travel was a blessing. I started new hobbies, stayed well read and made new friends in the blogging world.

But things have changed for our family. At Christmas we received the amazing news that Shane won't be traveling for a couple years. Daddy's home every night. It's wonderful.

Now I have to figure out how to keep up with my personal little world of diversions when I don't have an empty home. 

And it doesn't help that I have three children. It's a lot more than two.

We are often all in bed with lights out by 9:30. We are just a very tired family. 

But I miss blogging. So, I'll be around here a little more often. 

Just an update, for those of you that aren't on Instagram.  (I'm @natssentiments by the way)

My hubby has a new downtown Boise office, which has a great view and perfect for makeout sessions. 

Collin's family portrait. Shane's valentine card. Family selfies, my Christmas gift to the kids and Elise's first day of nursery!  

Lydia turned NINE!

Birthday updos with her best friend. 

Doughnut cake. Just didn't feel like baking.

(Three dozen doughnuts, bamboo sticks and long candles. Took 5 minutes.)

Seriously, could they be any cuter?

Dear Shane. THIS is what I do all day.

And sometimes pacify my 18 month old with reddi-whip so I can internet shop.

And, TV works too.

Yep! Still alive over here!

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HeidiK said...

Welcome back, and fantastic update!!

Your three could not BE any cuter... it is decidedly so! :)

HeidiK said...

P.S. Oops, I meant to comment on the series of 6 pictures of your little mess-maker... too funny!! (To an observer, anyway, ha!)

pandaandlion said...

Oh my gosh Elise is getting so big! I am glad you are back <3

Unknown said...

I think it is great that you even blog in the first place. Life is just going to get busier and for you to stop and want to share it will your followers like ;)makes us that much more grateful that you blog. Thanks for sharing!

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