Sunday, September 7, 2014

Super Saturday!

Hey readers, I'm bogarting my blog for a tic for a church activity. Hope you don't mind. 

Hello McMillan Relief Society ladies! It's crunch time for our Super Saturday. We need all your order forms and money by WEDNESDAY!!! If you're still not sure about what our crafts are, take a look....

We will have a table of starched fabric and will be teaching how to make removable wall decals.
I was playing around with some other uses of starched fabric and made a cute little garland and hanging decor. We can teach you to make these, but you will need to bring your own embroidery hoop and/or bakers twine.  

Do you have scrap fabric laying around? We need donations to keep this project free! 

Questions or need an order form? Email me or Sally at

Be excited!!!!

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Push Pop Mama said...

Ooo, your mantle looks darling!

Jennifer Bartley said...

This whole post just makes me wish I lived in Boise and was part of your church/group. You should post tutorials just for fun for those of us far away! :D

Natalie Jane said...

Thanks Push Pop!

It should be quite the party Jennifer :)

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