Saturday, June 21, 2014

Insta-Saturday #57 - Just laying low

Sometimes it's just too nice an evening to do anything other than swing naked, don't you think?

Thirty minutes until we have to leave: 
"Mom! Let's go get dressed for the birthday party!". 
"Oh, I think what you're wearing is fine." 
"No way! Everyone is wearing FROZEN costumes".... 
We made due.

My never fail method for creative juices to flow. Dump several huge loads of laundry on the floor. Contemplate folding said laundry for 5 to 10 minutes. Guaranteed you will come up with something more interesting to do. (Vintage fabric + huge embroidery hoop + ribbon = girls only tent.)

Pretty hair with pink tips.

Twenty years from now, I hope the neighbor kids remember that Lydia and Collin's mom would serve homemade strawberry lemonade on hot days. But most likely they will remember me being mean because I have them clean up their own spills and tell them they have to stay outside when the baby is napping.

Shane and Lydia at her activity days Daddy-Daughter picnic.

The bigger the bear, the sweeter the dreams.

Elise crashed the kids swimming lessons. 

Collin found a bunch of wildflowers on his camping trip and told Shane he wanted to pick some so he could make a craft for Lydia. 
"Ok, but what kind of a craft do you make with flowers?" 
"You'll see daddy".

Grandma came to visit!

She brought along Papa too!

Thanks for all your advice on my facebook post about how to de-stress. Lots of good ideas. It was a rough day. I got myself a little pampering, drank a dirty diet coke in a wine glass and tried out my new snakeskin Tieks. I felt so much better.

I had such plans for being productive today! Not to be. But by golly, I will bake a pie and eat it in front of the TV tonight! I love being a grown-up.

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April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears said...

Lydia is the most beautiful little girl I think I've ever seen...

& oh my goodness...Collin wanting to make Lydia a craft!!! That just melts my heart <3

You have the bestest little kiddos in the whole wide world!!!

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