Friday, March 28, 2014

Insta-Friday #55 - Spring is here!

Our family is very happy Spring is here. It's been a long winter.

This baby loves to taste the fresh air. 

And so so happy when it's sunny and hanging with Daddy!

Family breakfast. 

(No make-up + so tired = sunglasses.)

"And I was like, sleep through the night? I don't think so mommy."

I needed a little Spring update. Trying out honey blond. I like it. 

Can't hide those bags under my eyes though. 

Shane's watching the baby. That's a pink permanent marker he's given her. 

The day Elise dressed as a sparkly mime for church. 

She rocked it. 

Just as cute dressed in a diaper and rock star hair.

(So proud she knocked the hoop down.)


Something magical happened. My ENTIRE house was clean for an entire day. Every room. Every toilet. Every closet. Frames are dusted. Laundry is done. I even cleaned the garage. Shane was out of town this week, and I got it into my head that just once in my life I would like to be actually DONE. As a mom, that is an unheard of concept. But after working serious late nights, and occupying my kids with TV, I achieved it. I'm pretty sure I was never that tired in my entire life. BUT I WAS DONE. Then I had to go make the kids lunch.

The day Collin found out the chicken soup with rice was from scratch, and not from a can. 

Tell me why I try again?

life rearranged 

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

Your kids are so cute! My house is in a clean state right now and I absolutely love it, it is such a great feeling. good job to you and all your late night hard work!

Colorado76Gal said...

ha ha…the soup comment just made my night!

Jess @Adventures in Ginger Mommyhood said...

Oh my gosh. I love the soup picture SO much. Also, I want the clean thing to happen here. STAT. I'm not sure why the cleaning fairy keeps forgetting to stop by our place every night...

Mindy said...

I love that soup picture! My family does the same thing. They are never pleased with homemade chicken noodle soup.

Summer said...

Love your pictures.

amydear said...

I love it when the whole house is clean. Collin is so funny. My kids are like that sometimes too, but then they compliment me on my homemade stuff and I feel happy. I like your new color. I always remember you as a blond.

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