Monday, December 23, 2013

Bonus Almost Christmas Insta! #51

Of course, Sunday we showed off our Holiday duds. 

Saturday I relaxed with some cocoa and watched the best SNL ever.
Jimmy and Justin. Yum.

Kept up with fun traditions. 

"Shane did you move the elf?"
"Ya, I made him a Mayan god in Collin's room."

Finally finished sending Christmas cards. 
This version was for my Pendleton Family.

(I literally had 30 seconds to snap a photo before they were all crying from being too cold.)

We've been enjoying the glorious snow.
Shane said it was just too depressing watching the kids sled down the two foot hill in the yard. 
He went out to save the day. 

Two more days to go!

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Alzbeta said...

Oh, I love holiday outfits :). I can't wait to get my girls in their sweet little dresses!

Also, I *adore* the Christmas card! All wrapped up in those beautiful blankets? Perfect!

Jennifer Bartley said...

Such a pretty picture of Lydia at the bottom! I also HAVE to ask, what font is that you used for "Dear Santa" ?? Or was it an app? I love it!

PS. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your whole family :D

Push Pop Mama said...

It's rhonnadesigns :)

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