Monday, November 18, 2013

My Diet Starts Monday. Oh wait. That's today.

My baby is three months old! That went fast. She is so freaking awesome. 
Sleeping a little better,
starting to laugh, tons of smiles. (Isn't she sweet? Lydia dressed her up as a snow baby in her fur vest.)

As for me.....I'm losing my hair by the handfuls, still mostly wearing yoga pants and Shane and I have yet to be on a date since Elise was born.
Or sleep in the same bed for that matter. (He snores. No way I'm letting him wake me or the baby up while she shares my room.)

But all that stuff will take care of it's self. Oh, except for one thing. I've got to lose this baby weight.

I'm doing ok with it I guess. I'm down 15 pounds from my last weigh-in before Elise was born. I had a pretty bad recovery so I expected it to be slow. But I really want to step things up now so that I don't lose ground during the holidays. I'm less concerned about pounds as fitting into my clothes again.

I've been reading some articles and blogs about long lasting weight loss. I know for sure I want to go the regular route of "Eat Less, Move More". But that's easier said than done with three kids, one being an infant. Some tips I've really liked are.....

1. Drink water like it's your job. 
2. Find a work out you love to do and do it. (Zumba!)
3. Plan your weekly splurge and wait for it. (Pizza and salad buffet with my family.)
4. Eat protein every breakfast. (Greek yogurt with a little granola. Yum.)
5. Write down your food choices and figure out your patterns. (Snacking from 3-5)
6. REWARD YOURSELF with non food things.

I love this last one, because, well, it's fun. In fact, I'm going to reward myself for the work I've already done AND provide myself a nice goal to work towards. 

I'm getting myself a pretty new dress in my pre-pregnancy size. My goal is to wear it for valentines day.
That gives me three months to get there. I'm pretty sure I can do it. But I'll have to really keep the holidays in check. 

I really love vintage clothing with a classic feel. Of course vintage clothes run small, so I've found some nice Shabby Apple dresses that fit the bill. I tend to stick to what works, so I get a lot from this site :) 

I like the high waisted look of the Zinger with the flattering arm length. Red heels and earrings would be very valentine appropriate. I'm not usually a bow gal, but it's in right now, so I'm willing to try it.

The El Capitan is so very tempting with it's (tummy hiding) peplum waist. That color is pretty fantastic. 

But the Ruby Tuesday is something I could wear to everything. 

What do you think? 

You can follow Shabby Apple on Instagram for awesome dress ideas and Facebook for GREAT deals!

Do you have any tips for weight loss after baby? How long did it take you guys to get back to your pre-baby weight? 

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The Thomas Family said...

1st one...took me 12 months to lose all the weight, and have my body back. Weight is a number, but energy and stamina are another entirely different thing!
2nd one...also 1 year.
3rd one was a boy, and that threw my game. My boys came out eating like champs ~ I had to increase my caloric intake, and became anemic, and vit D deficient. That took 2 yrs to feel like me, and be back at running again. But I finally did get my body back.
4th...Ha! Well, it's been 3 yrs and I am still working at it! No excuses other than it's harder managing 4 to make time for myself than it was with 1, 2 or 3 ;)
Whoever said once you have 3 can go on to have 4,5 or 6...and it's really no more dead wrong in my opinion! I have seen a dietician to restart my metabolism. Some more health issues also complicated things immensely, and the long and short of it, is I never had my body back in 6 mo time! Kuddos to you for being diligent, and even during this time of year {winter..when it's comfort food every where you go}. I have a long term goal by next summer to be at a place where I can feel comfortable in swimsuit when we go to Europe. It's great to have a goal in mind! It helps!

Unknown said...

I like the first ine best, and honestly it took longer after baby 2 than #1 did for me. You have already been there done that so maybe you already know. I also BF until 18 months with both, so yhat could have effected it some too.

Unknown said...

I like the first ine best, and honestly it took longer after baby 2 than #1 did for me. You have already been there done that so maybe you already know. I also BF until 18 months with both, so yhat could have effected it some too.

Push Pop Mama said...

I love all those dresses! Don't worry. It will happen.

I LOOOOOVE Zumba too!

amydear said...

I love the blue dress with the peplum! I lost the weight fastest with my 3rd child, but the baby I had in my 30's must have killed my metabolism. It took me 15 months to lose all the weight and it has been much harder to keep it off. But your rules sound great and I think you will find success. Good luck.

Cari said...

I have no room to offer advice since I am still not motivated enough to drop the 10lbs hanging around from my little princess who is almost 10 months old... But with my 3rd baby, I paid myself for the weight lost and went on a huge shopping spree for new clothes once I was back down to my normal size... it only took 4 months...just have to find what motivates you (and if you're not getting a full nights rest, nothing is worth giving up sleep for!)

Blair said...

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Blair said...
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